This section presents some examples how to get started with tinyTiM and TMAPI. These examples should work with any TMAPI-compatible Topic Maps processor but the focus stays clearly on tinyTiM.

tinyTiM requires almost no installation since the core Topic Maps engine was designed to require nothing more than the TMAPI interfaces.

Once tinyTiM and TMAPI is in the classpath the following example should work:

import org.tmapi.core.TopicMapSystemFactory;
import org.tmapi.core.TopicMapSystem;
import org.tmapi.core.TopicMap;
import org.tmapi.core.Topic;
import org.tmapi.core.Name;

TopicMapSystemFactory tmSysFactory = TopicMapSystemFactory.newInstance();
TopicMapSystem tmSys = tmSysFactory.newTopicMapSystem();

TopicMap tm = tmSys.createTopicMap("http://www.example.org/map1");
// Creates a topic with an automatically assigned item identifier
// Note: This is method IS NOT recommended, creating a topic with an
// explicit identity should be preferred
Topic example = tm.createTopic();

Name name = example.createName("Example");