Introduction into Importing and Exporting Topic MapsΒΆ

tinyTiM provides no import / export mechanisms by default, but relies on TMAPIX I/O for importing and exporting topic maps.


TMAPIX I/O is not part of the default Topic Maps engine and must be downloaded separately. The individual TopicMapReader implementations may introduce additional dependencies. At minimum the mio-syntaxpack lib and SLF4J is needed in the classpath.

Topic Maps Syntax Reading Writing
CTM Yes Yes
JTM Yes Yes
LTM Yes Yes
Snello Yes No
TM/XML Yes Yes
XTM 1.0 Yes Yes
XTM 2.0 Yes Yes
XTM 2.1 Yes Yes

The supported syntaxes are not limited to Topic Maps syntaxes; TMAPIX I/O offers support for several RDF syntaxes which can be converted into a Topic Maps representation, the Importing RDF section provides more details how to use the RDF readers.

RDF Syntax Reading Writing
N3 Yes No
N-Triples Yes No
TriG Yes No
TriX Yes No
Turtle Yes No